A Wedding Update & Bridal Party Gift Ideas

Image used courtesy of @seriouslywtf on Pinterest
Happy Tuesday kids! As of yesterday my wedding is 131 days away. So crazy, right? Everyone told us when we got engaged that the wedding would be here before we knew it, but we didn’t listen, and here it is May. It’s very exciting and little scary, especially since me and Ryan are planning the whole thing by ourselves. I feel like all the little details are going to get lost in the mix (it’s a good thing I’m marrying a planner who loves spreadsheets!).
One of the thing I’m looking forward to s picking out my bridesmaid’s gifts, and that’s not just because I LOVE to shop. It’s because I get to say thank you for all the meltdowns, hard work, and parties they’ve planned on my behalf.  The bachelorette party they threw me in Dallas alone was enough for me to want to spend a ton of money on them. But, alas, I’m not rich and I’m paying for a wedding myself, and can’t afford to shower them with gifts. Not to worry though, as my handle say, I’m savvy. I’ve linked a few gifts down below that I’m considering for my girls. I’ve even included some groomsman gifts too, we all know men need a little bit of help.
Groomsman Gifts:
1. For the hipster/local craft beer drinker: The State Beer Cap Map
 Collect all your overpriced beer caps from local breweries. These come in all 50 states or a map of the united states. If you have a heavy drinker in your party, suggest the USA puzzle Map.
2. For the Gambler:
Know someone ho loves to gamble? Then this gift is for them. Complete with playing cards, poker chips, and dice, it really is Vegas in a box!
3. For the traveler:
When guys travel they need to stay organized (or they’ll be asking you where all their stuff is) , and what better way than with The Classic Wash Bag from MAHI Leather. It can even be personalized inside and out.
For the Bridesmaids:
1. A Keepsake bracelet
Since we are having a beach wedding, and let’s face it girl’s are more emotional, I found these Dune Bracelets. Ypu can have the sand customized for your location, or your favorite place. How special would it be to wear sand from the beach where they were a part of our special day?
 2. Customized YSL Lipstick.
Yes, you read that right. You can have about 12 different types of YSL lipstick emblazoned with your bridesmaids names or initials. How amazing is that? I may just order an extra one for myself.
 3. A monogrammed Shep Shirt
Anyone who is just a little bit preppy had heard of Vineyard Vines and the cult favorite Shep Shirt. I mean they were created by 2 guys from Martha’s Vineyard. Instead of the typical bridesmaid robe they will probably wear once, how about something they’ll get more use out of? Plus, they never go out of style.
So there you have it, a few of my picks for bridesmaids and groomsman gift. They’re a little less traditional than normal  gifts, but I’m not traditional at all. Let me know what you think of everything, and feel free to share your gift ideas with me!
Til next time!
Stay Savvy My Friends…