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Beachy Tees And Living On Cape Cod

Hello all!
Isn’t my tank funny or is “punny” more like it? I love a good statement making top, whether its a graphic tee or a more structured blouse. This one caught my eye and I thought it was pretty appropriate considering I spend most of my summer at the beach.  I’m pretty lucky to live in one of the most visited resort destinations in America. I’m surrounded by amazing beaches, 5 star restaurants, and a ton of things to do. Until October that is, then everything shuts down. I actually don’t mind when things get quiet and the tourists leave. I know it sounds kind of bad, but have you ever sat in 8 hours of traffic trying to get home from work on a Monday holiday? lol. Probably not. There is even a day when all the Cape Cod residents stand on the overpasses of the highway and wave bye to the tourists. But, it’s only July, so I’m going to park my butt at the beach with a beer in my hand and enjoy the rest of the summer. And secretly count down the days ’til I get my town back. Maybe the ocean did make me salty….
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‘Til Next time