Bells & Blooms

 Let me be honest for a second, I feel like the bell sleeve has been done to death. With that said, I still love the look. I decided to spruce mine up a little by adding a floral crop top to it. It adds a pop of color and a different take on a look that is getting played out, in my opinion. For most of us, weekly wardrobe updating is out of the question,  we’re talking real life here. It’s all about taking key pieces in wardrobe and making them feel new again. My whole look is from zara’s collection last spring. Sometimes you just have to take individual pieces and see if they work together. If you’re scared about mixing prints, head back one post and check out some of the “rules” of combining them. It’s a great way of brining your wardrobe back to life. I’ve linked similar items of my look below!
Happy Wardrobe Revival!