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How I Combat Dry Skin During The Fall Season


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Today I’m going to tell you about this awesome new hydrating face mask that was sent to me from Influenster and Erno Laszlo. Now, if your skin is anything like mine, it throws a fit the minute the seasons begin to change. I’ve recently had to deal with random breakouts and super dry skin. It seemed like no matter how much I moisturized (it was twice day for those of you counting) nothing helped. So it seems the planets aligned and i received this mask to test at JustΒ the right time!

I’m not new to the whole masking craze, in fact I’ve been doing it for quite awhile (and will link some of my other favorites down below). But this was the first molded peel off mask that I’ve used. I say molded because when it dries, it feels like rubber, and literally comes off in one mask/mold of your face. Think Mike Myers from the Halloween movies. LOL. It’s actually pretty fun to peel off. This isn’t anything like your traditional peel off mask.

The Hydra-Therapy Skin Vitality Treatment claims it is a “mix-to-activate, dual-phase mask that works to quench your thirsty skin”. It ” Soothes, hydrates, and instantly plump with botanically derived allantoin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and enhance skin’s natural radiance”. So do you want the results? Keep reading and click the link below to check out the mask.


This is how everything come in the box. 4 powder packets, 4 activator bottles, and one spatula. Because what fun is it to use your hands to spread this all over your face?Β  Next, you take one of each and a glass, and mix them all together. Stir your little heart out, until it reaches a thick, frosting like consistency. Lumps are ok!Β  Looks like my nieces made some peach slime, but alas, it’s just the mask. It does have the same consistency though! Spread, Spread, Spread, but avoid your eye area and hairline, picking that out won’t be fun! I will say that i put way too much on my face. You only need a thin layer. Don’t be afraid about what you leave in the glass, clearly i didn’t want to be wasteful, and felt the need to use it all. My husband actually told me i looked the Freddy Kruger from Friday the 13th. He’s knows all the right things to say (insert eye roll emoji here). But seriously only use enough to create a thin layer on your face or else it won’t dry or peel off. The total wait time is 20 minutes. After 30, mine still wasn’t completely dry and the mask didn’t peel off in one piece. I even had to wash some (most) of it off my face.


Well what were the results? They were actually pretty great! My skin felt more hydrated than it did previously and it was glowing. As far as preventing dehydration, I think only you can control that with your daily water intake. My skin did feel really soft as well. The $80 price tag is too high for me, even though it does break down to about $20 a use since you get 4 in a box. It was good, but i can’t justify spending that kind of money.

So tell me, have you ever used the Erno Laszlo masks? are you going to? Or do you have another go to mask for when your skin freaks out? Let me know in the comments! And don’t forget to check out the widgets for my other masking picks!

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