I Can Be Outdoorsy

Let’s get one thing straight, i’d rather be drinking on patios, but i can be outdoorsy when need be. Ryan booked a surprise trip to Bar Harbor, ME for just the two of us. We stayed in an adorable little cottage and hiked beautiful Arcadia National Park. We started off on easy trails, i didn’t want to over exert myself on the first day, and then somehow climbed one of the hardest trails on the map. That was an accident, scaling vertical slabs of granite should have been the giveaway, but it was amazing none the less. The spectacular view of the Porcupine Islands and the sand bar that connecst to one of those islands, amazing. You can actually walk across the ocean to the island at low tide. For someone who isn’t that outdoorsy, it was an amazing getaway. There’s really no fashion here, just some pics of our adventure, unless you count yoga pants (and we do!).