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La Cle and Me…and a Giveaway

So what’s the Feel Good? Pick your color and embrace it! My color? Orange: Unstoppable and Focused. I’ve often been called stubborn , but that’s not the case. I know exactly what I want and will stop at nothing to get it. Ok, that does sound a little stubborn, but it’s who I am.
The Doing Good? It’s the best part! Once the color of your key has faded away, you are left with a Naked Key. Now you’re probably thinking, what’s the point? Let me tell you: you are left with a totally unique vintage key and if you tell La Clé via social media (using #NakedKey) what your key means to you, they’ll make a donation to a charity of your choice. Amazing Right?
But what’s even more amazing is the I’ve teamed up with La Clé to give you all a chance to win your very own key! The rules are easy
1. Follow Style Her Savvy on Instagram and Twitter
2. Retweet any tweet mentioning LaCle and this giveaway
contest ends next Friday May 29th
So….What’s Your Color?