Like So Ready…

For Spring that is! Oh, and for that wind to stop!
  My whole look is from Old Navy and its less than $75! Crazy, right? Bomber jackets have to be one of THE httest items for spring, i mean they are everywhere! And everyone needs some fringe in their life, and this tee is so cute and soft! God, knows i’ll always choose comfort. To be honest, i’m not really a pink girl, but i was really drawn to these pink pixie pants (thats alot of alliteration), well i guess they are more of a coral. The pink and green combo slowly opens the door to spring style. At least on Cape Cod, it so cold for so long that if its 50 we’re running around in shorts (not me specifically, but its a new england thing, you can google it).
Can we just have a moment for these sunglasses?!?! I’m currently obssesed with Austrailian brand Quay (pronounced like key). Trust me when i say they have something for everyone, and most pairs are only $50 US. Score! There will be  whole blog post to follow because, girl, the obsession is real!
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