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Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale

It’s that time of year again: Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale! Where you can get your fall wardrobe at a MAJOR discount. Now, don’t do what I did last year and add items to your cart, but not check out hoping they wouldn’t sell out. That was definitely an Idiot Lesson on my part. the Sale runs from July 13th-July 20th for early access Nordstrom Card holders and goes live to the public from July 21st- August 6th for everyone else. This year I’ve done the grunt work for you, and put together my must haves for the upcoming fall season. We all know embellished/destructed denim is still going strong and bell sleeves are here for the long haul. I’m a self proclaimed ‘boot slut”, seriously 9 months out of the years they’re what I’m wearing. Don’t worry, I’ll throw in some extras! So what are you waiting for? Scroll down and start shopping!
Sale Price: $39.90 After the Sale: $49.00
Sale: 79.90 After Sale: 119,95
Sale: 159.90 After Sale: 239.95
Sale: 129.90 After Sale: 198.00
Sale: 85.90 After Sale: 129.00
Sale: 79.90 After Sale: 120.00
Sale: 105.90 After Sale: 159.95
Sale: 52.90 After Sale: 80.00
Sale: 59.90 After Sale: 89.95
sale: 65.90 After Sale: 99.00
Sale: 58.80 After: 89.00
Sale: 129.90 After Sale: 195.00
Sale: 123.90 After Sale: 185.00
Sale: 39.90 After Sale: 60.00
Sale: 219.90 After Sale: 329.00
Sale: 349.90 After Sale: 575.00
Sale: 52.90 After Sale: 79.00
Sale: 183.90 After Sale: 275.00
Sale: 39.90 After Sale: 60.00
Sale: 71.90 After Sale: 108.00
Leave me some of your Must Have Items from the #NSale below!
Stay Savvy Babes!