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Orange You Glad….

 Hi Guys and big HELLO to all my new readers and followers! I feel like it’s time for a reintroduction. My name is Sarah and I live on Cape Cod. I can’t function without a minimum of 2 coffees. I’m a huge Disney nerd, My favorite princess is Ariel and I’m obsessed with Pirates of the Caribbean. I’m getting married in less than 50 days, which is absolutely crazy to me, I feel like I just got engaged. I love sharing my style and beauty loves with all of you and love when you ask me questions or leave me comments. I guess you could characterize my style as not really having a specific one. I wear what I like weather it’s “in style” or not, and I’m all about feeling good in your clothes. I live by the motto “if you like it, wear it”.  I’d love to be a full time blogger, but until that happens, I’m a full time Visual Manager at one of the biggest department stores in the country. So I have a soft spot for all retail workers. Well that’s enough about me. How about you tell me something about you! the comment box is down below and as always you can shop my look by clicking on the widget under this text!
Til Next Time,