Paradise in a Bottle

I’m going to preface this post with I’m very picky when it comes to fragrance, actually,  anything for that matter. I seldom just pick out a fragrance and love it instantly (I constantly do research, which usually consists of me wearing a sample of said fragrance for a few days).  With that said, I’m in love with Amongst the Waves by Olivine Atelier. And I ordered this on a whim. Let’s face it, we’ve all had a rough winter (101 inches of snow here on Cape Cod) and summer (or tropical vacations) can’t come soon enough. So when I read that this frangrance was reminiscent of a Hawaiian Island, I was all in. And trust me , this didn’t disappoint. If your dream is to smell as if you have spent the day frolicking on a tropical island enveloped by the scent of lillies or a warm breeze off the ocean with a hint of coconut and vanilla: this is the fragrance for you.
The Amongst the Waves Perfume Oil lasts quite long, not as long as the Eau de Parfum, but thats the point, it’s meant to be layered. It is just the lightest of scents, that so delicately rests on your skin and smells of what your most perfect Tropical Getway Would be!
For an added benefit, try the Sea Salt Spray Love and Salt (Not pictured).  This is the most perfect texturizer for those staright off the beach waves, and it has a hint of the Amongst the Waves scent as well. I’ve tried a lot of sea salt sprays, some leave your hait too oily or too dry,  and this does neither. It simply does what it says it will, add volume and texture, it’s become my absolute favorite. As a bonus, you can spray this all over your body as a hydrating mist, thanks in part to the Himalayan Pink Salt. And if that wasn’t enough of a reason to love this product, it’s vegan as well.
This fragrance is definitely something you want in your “smell good” arsenal. And there are more fragrances as well. Olivine Atelier has 6 other fragrances (Bluebird being a limited edition) up there sleeve. and something to fit everyone. I can’t wait to try them all.
*This is not a paid review or ad. All products were purchased on my own.