Peep-Toes And Peek-a-Boos

Hi guys! I’m back from Dallas, which I’m not too thrilled about. I hate the fact that my bestie lives so far away. Also, because we can’t raid each other’s closets. After trying on multiple outfits to got grab drinks, which were all vetoed by the group because they were 2 sizes too big (i like my clothes loose), Shannon had me try on this T-shirt dress. I never thought a simple dress could be so comfortable and subtly sexy. It fit in all the right places, but wasn’t basic because of the cut-outs. I paired it with these peep toe booties and Julie’s cross body (we like to share).  I know this one is from Red Dress Boutique, but is from the fall. Above are some options I found for summer. I’d be lying if I said I did’t have my eye on the pink the dye one!
On another exciting note, I’ve added a forum to the website. Head on over and say hi! You can also leave comments, woo-hoo!
Til next time (while I’m shopping these dresses)