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The Little White Dress

Let the bachelorette weekend begin! Let me start off by saying I have the most amazing bridesmaids in the world! They went above and beyond and we had the most EPIC weekend ever! If you didn’t know my maid of honor lives in Dallas, so we all flew out there for the bachelorette weekend. These girls planned everything from pedicures at MiniLuxe to lunches and dinners, to a last minute White Party at the Eberhard. Yes, you read that right, last minute. There’s nothing like getting a phone call on the Wednesday before you leave (yes, on that Friday), that the “theme” of your bridal brunch has changed to white. There were also restrictions: Not ” church like” or “skanky”, but “something you would wear to a bar”. Jeez guys, thanks for the clarification ::insert eye roll emoji here::
Needless to say, I hadn’t purchased anything white, which is strange for someone getting married and having a ton events coming up. Oh well. I spent the next day running all over the mall trying to find something that fit the descriptions above. What you need to understand is that the mall I work in has a very limited selection, so I was screwed. Or so I thought. I had been to Express, Forever 21, Macy’s, and even The Gap. I had hit every store except for one and that was Abercrombie & Fitch. Yes, the home of booty shorts and crop tops & ripped jeans and graphic tees. I had really low expectations, I’m not going to lie. To my amazement Abercrombie has really re-vamped there merchandise, yes all of the above mentioned items still exist, but so do some more grown up options. After perusing a few racks, I found the one shoulder dress I’m wearing above. Crazy Right? It’s super cute and comfortable, light and breezy, and marked down…Yes!!
Moral of my story: make sure there are no last minute bachelorette party changes and give Abercrombie the benefit of the doubt! lol. I’ve linked a few different styles of white dresses above, in case you have wedding festivities or if it’s summer where you are. God knows it’s not here. Don’t forget to stop by the Forum page and leave some love or just say Hi!
Til Next time!