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The Top 5 Things I Learned In 2017


Happy New Year!

(Ok, I’m a little early!)

Can you believe it’s already New Years Eve? 2017 was such a crazy amazing year for me and boy did it fly by! To getting married and my blog gaining traction to starting a new full-time job, this was a year of major blessings. I’m not one for mushy posts, but I’ve decided to share the 5 major things I learned in 2017.

  1. When you commit to something and focus all your energy on something: good things WILL happen

I remember sitting in my living room last year making a commitment to myself to take my blog seriously. If you don’t know I decided to start stylehersavvy about 4 years ago. Every year I would gain momentum and be great about writing posts and creating content. But come September (due to my job at the time) I would just stop. This cycle continued for years. Until last year I made the commitment to myself to do this for me! Not that I don’t love all of you, but this was something I needed to prove to myself. That if I wanted to make this my lifestyle, I could. It wasn’t as easy as I thought, A LOT of time and effort has gone into my blog and it’s actually become my second full-time job.

All that time and effort has paid off though. I got my first sponsored campaign with Reebok in September and more doors have opened for me in the months that followed. Yes, I know it sounds cliché, but consistency is key. I made that promise to myself and I’m the one person (besides my mom and now my husband) who I don’t want to disappoint. I dreamed of the day when I could make this my full-time job and no, it hasn’t happened yet, I feel like I’ve made progress. And that’s good enough for me.


2. You can plan a wedding in 6 months and no one knows what went wrong besides you!

We got engaged last Christmas Day and I knew that I wanted a small wedding. I was never the girl who planned her wedding when she was a girl. After my sad history with men, I was sure I was NEVER getting married! Fast forward to 2017: Our small wedding sky rocketed to over 100 people and a lot of money. We tied the knot on 9/16/17, but didn’t start planning the wedding until March.

The week of our wedding was also the week that 4 hurricanes hit the Caribbean and the east coast. Let’s start the freak out! My flowers were cancelled, who knew Miami was the flower hub of the U.S.? And so was my honeymoon. I spent a Wednesday afternoon standing in the floral department of a Michael’s putting together mine and my bridesmaids bouquets and centerpieces. Guess what? No one cared, and they thought my bouquet was gorgeous and couldn’t even tell it was fake. Artificial flowers have come a long way! My honeymoon was supposed to be in St. Thomas, due to the devastation we were refunded. Some positive came out if it. We took a last-minute trip to San Diego  and are actually going to St. Lucia in January.

3. Everything happens at the moment it’s supposed to!

I worked for the same company for 13 years and it was great in the beginning. The last few years were horrible and I wanted out. For the last three years I applied to jobs and kept getting rejected. I thought I was going to be there forever. Until, I applied for a Social Media Manager position in October and got it! What was even more exciting was that it was because of all the skills I taught myself while blogging! I can’t tell you how amazing that feels to know the Universe had a plan in place. I wouldn’t have been able to take care of wedding planning and actually take time off for the wedding and honeymoon at a new job. It’s a new beginning in my personal and professional life.


4. I have found the man I’m supposed to spend the rest of my life with!

Obviously, I married him! I have never met a more supportive human being. It is because of him all the above things have happened. He’s my Instagram husband and actually found the job I currently have. You can read more about our relationship here.


5. 2018 is going to be even better!

With all the amazing things that happened in 2017, how could 2018 be any better? It’s just a gut feeling I have. My blog is my main priority. I’ve seen how much its grown in the past year, so the sky is the limit for the new year. I have an amazing man by side and family and friends that support me. One of my old bosses used to say that “Hope isn’t a plan”. It is something that has only just recently resonated with me. You can’t go through life hoping things will happen, you have to make them! Watch out 2018, I’m going to MAKE this my year!

Let me know what you’ve learned in 2017 or what your plans are for the New Year in the comments below!

Til Next Time