Your Tillandsia Is Showing

Hi, my name is Sarah,  I’m a nerd, and I openly admit it. With that said, let’s talk about my new obsession with terrariums. I was a science major in college and I’m a Taurus (an Earth sign) so I have a long standing relationship with mother nature. I was perusing Pinterest one night and came across a DIY for terrariums. That moment i knew i had a new DIY project. This also coincided with the release of Jurassic
Park 3, so I knew what i had to do,  add a raptor! It only made sense right?
For those of you who don’t know, I Live on Cape Cod. Think of the Hamptons, but in Massachusetts. Why is this relevant? Well. because our home has some nautical decor! I decided to make a beach theme terrarium. I found a cute glass container at urban outfitters (which is currentyl sold out, but here is another option) went to the beach and grabbed some sand, rocks, and shells. All that was missing were the plants, or tillandsia, if you will. I found a huge selection at Air Plant Design Studio, so i was a happy camper! The only thing left was to add my dino.I wanted an actual Jurassic Park dino toy, so  It was out of sheer luck that my friend was traveling to Universal Studios! Add that all together and Voila! Prehistoric Beach Terrarium!
 I also made another terrarium, because I can never just do one of something! Its pretty clean and simple, and dino free, if that’s not your style! But where’s the fun in that?